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Zelis Dental Dentist

Zelis Dental Dentist

About the company

  • Founded in 1995 and is based in Bedminister, NJ
  • In 2017, Zelis Healthcare acquired Maverest Dental Network, one of the largest independent dental PPO networks in the country
  • Zelis network covers all 50 states and includes more than 30,000 dentists with a high concentration in the Midwest

We are a Zelis Dentist that serves Newton, Auburndale, Nonantum, Newtonville, Newton Corner, Newton Upper Falls, Newton Lower Falls, Newton Centre, Newton Highlands, Oak Hill, Waban, Waltham, Wellesley, West Newton and Weston.

Zelis bought Maverest Dental Network in 2017.  Maverest Dental network of dentists available for use by insurance companies, employers, and third?party administrators. The Maverest network includes more than 30,000 dentists spanning across all 50 states.

Zelis offers PPO network products to support the unique requirements of clients of all sizes looking for Group Health, Dental, or Workers’ Compensation coverage. Zelis has expertise in building its own network offering and partnering with brand name, trusted regional and national PPO networks. Zelis PPO offering can satisfy group access needs including the following network options.

Primary Network Management – Meeting specific access and cost control goals with a configurable PPO solution

Travel Network Access – Allowing employees to access network providers when out of their key market area

Supplemental Networks – Leveraging contracted solutions to reduce the plan and employee’s liability on out-of-network claims

Specialty Networks – Custom networks serving a particular specialty or narrow networks looking for controlled access with specific cost savings objectives