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Platinum Membership Plan (PMP)

As part of our commitment to making comprehensive, quality dentistry affordable for our patients, we are pleased to offer our Platinum Membership Plan (PMP), which provides discounted fees on all your dental care at Newton Dentistry office only. Our program is for patients that do NOT have dental insurance. You will be entitled to all of the following benefits during your one-year membership period:
  • No claim forms, no insurance claims, paperwork or hassles.
  • No pre-approvals or authorization required
  • Discounted fees – on all dental services at our office in Newton only, if you pre-pay for your dental service
  • No waiting period for any services; all discounts are available to you immediately
  • No limits or maximums (unlimited)
Platinum Plan Pricing
Membership TypeAnnual Price
Member$490 per year per person
Member (Age < 18 yrs)$445 per year per person

Membership fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Membership discounts cannot be combined with any other offer. You will not receive a membership card. Your plan’s effective date will be on file. This is a discount dental plan, not dental insurance. It cannot be used in conjunction with another dental insurance, medical insurance, worker’s compensation and/or automobile claim.

Membership benefits
Diagnostic & X-Rays
  • 100% off Comprehensive / Periodic Exam
  • 100% off All X-Rays
  • 100% off Periodontal Evaluation / Oral Cancer Screening
  • 50% off Emergency Exams
Discount Adult Prophylaxis (cleaning) 2 per year
  • 100% off Prophylaxis (dental cleaning, 2x per year)
  • 100% off Fluoride (1 per year)
  • 10% off Other Prophylaxis (e.g., SRPs, Sealants, Debridements, etc.)
Dental services
  • 10% off Fillings & Core Buildups
  • 10% off Crowns / Bridges
  • 10% off Root Canals
  • 10% off Dental Implants
  • 10% off Veneers
  • 10% on all other dental procedures
  • (Any patient portion of the bill for any dental service must be paid in advance)

  1. Binding Agreement and Non-Refundable Membership Fee. Newton Dentistry Platinum Membership Program (“PMP” or the “Program”) is a program offered by Newton Dentistry PC (d/b/a Newton Dentistry) (“Newton Dentistry”), the member benefits of which are available exclusively at Newton Dentistry only (as listed on A Newton Dentistry’s website at The Membership Fee is non-refundable. By signing below and paying the applicable Membership Fee, member is enrolling himself or herself and any other designated individuals into the Program, and member is agreeing to all of these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) of theProgram
  2. Membership Term; Automatic Renewal. Once the Membership Fee is paid and received by Newton Dentistry, members will be entitled to all discounted dental services at Newton Dentistry only for a one-year period from the date of purchase (the “Membership Term”). Membership with auto-renew when the Membership Term expires in order to continuously receive discounted fees under the Program, until cancelled.
  3. Description of the Program. This Program is NOT insurance and discounts granted under the Program are not insurance benefits. Members must be 18 years old to enroll. PMP cannot be used in conjunction with dental insurance, worker’s compensation, medical insurance, and/or automobile insurance. If a member is under 18 years old, a parent or guardian’s signature is required. Newton Dentistry reserves the right to request identification of any member or to request proof of dependency by asking the parent or guardian to provide a birth certificate or adoption certificate.
  4. Duplication of Benefits. Members acknowledge the dentist(s) and specialist(s) they select as their provider(s) may not perform all related dental services and that the age of patients treated varies by each dentist and specialist. Members authorize the dentist or specialist who renders services to members or their family under the Program to make available to Newton Dentistry their dental records and information regarding such services to the extent permitted by applicable law. Members are subject to the Newton Dentistry policies in effect from time to time.
  5. Exclusions from the Program. Discounts under the Program shall not apply to treatment paid in full or in part by insurance. Newton Dentistry does not coordinate any dental or medical benefits. Discounts under the Program cannot be applied to insurance co-payments or deductibles. Discounts under the Program cannot be combined with medical and dental insurance benefits, other special offers or sales promotions advertised by Newton Dentistry, any third-party discounts, coupons, offers, or other dental discount plan benefits. Discounts under the Program shall not apply to any treatment started prior to or after each patient’s Membership Term. Patients with healthy gum tissue as determined by an Newton Dentistry dentist or specialist are eligible for prophylaxis cleanings. Patients diagnosed with periodontal diseases may require periodontal therapy and procedures, which have associated fees that are greater than those fees charged for prophylaxis cleanings for patients with healthy gum tissue.
  6. Right to Refuse Membership; Right to Cancel Membership; Right to Refuse Treatment to Member. Newton Dentistry reserves the right to refuse membership into the Program to any person at its discretion for any reason not prohibited by law. The membership may be revoked and canceled if such member does not comply with the policies of Newton Dentistry, including by reason of failing to make prompt payment for any procedure, for failing to pay any cancellation fee for missing an appointment, for failing to pay any fee when due, or for providing false or misleading information to Newton Dentistry. Immediately upon any cancellation of membership all benefits shall cease. Newton Dentistry’s dentists, specialists, and hygienists may refuse treatment to any member who fails to abide by these Terms, or who fails to follow a dentist’s, specialist’s, or hygienist’s medical advice, referral, or treatment plan.
  7. Program Benefits. Membership benefits are limited to all dental services provided by Newton Dentistry only.
  8. Changes to Fees. Office fees for each procedure are reviewed and updated periodically(including the addition of fees for new procedures offered from time to time). Therefore, office fees can and will change. Newton Dentistry reserves the right to correct (and adjust) any Office fee at any time for billing or clerical errors, without prior notification to members.
  9. Changes to these Terms. These Terms and the dental procedures eligible for discounts under the Program are subject to change, modification, or substitution from time to time as published on Newton Dentistry’s website, and members shall be bound by all such changed Terms as and when published. Members are responsible for reviewing the most recent Terms on Newton Dentistry’s website. Members have the right to receive these Terms in non-electronic form and may request a non-electronic copy of these Terms either before or after acceptance of these Terms. To receive a non-electronic copy of these Terms, then please contact Newton Dentistry, 73 Lexington Street, Suite 204, Newton, MA02466, Attention: Platinum Membership Program.
  10. Payment Policy. Given the substantial fee discounts under the Program, Newton Dentistry strictly requires that all fees be paid in full at the time of service. Failure to arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled time for, or failure to give at least 48 hours advance notice of cancellation of, any appointment for any reason will result in a broken appointment fee charged to the member. This payment policy shall prevail over any conflicts in any other terms and conditions relating to treatment or payment set forth in any other Newton Dentistry document or form or on its website.
  11. No Guarantee of Treatment. Services listed on Newton Dentistry website are not a guarantee that any procedure is available to the member. The member’s dentist or specialist will present a treatment plan for dental procedures based on the member’s medical needs and condition and what is indicated in a given situation. Procedures vary for each person and with the complexity of his or her case. In certain instances, a dentist’s professional opinion may be that a specialist is required to perform a given procedure. The fees for procedures by a specialist may be significantly higher than by a general dentist. Services and specific procedures provided by dental specialists may not be available at Newton Dentistry or on any particular date.
  12. Disclaimer of Warranties. NEWTON DENTISTRY DOES NOT GIVE ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO DESCRIPTION, QUALITY, MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE, PRODUCTIVENESS, OR ANY OTHER MATTER, FOR ANY SERVICES OR PRODUCT PURCHASED OR RECEIVED BY A MEMBER FROM A DENTAL PROFESSIONAL OR VENDOR THROUGH MEMBERSHIP IN THE VIP DISCOUNT PROGRAM. Newton Dentistry has verified the credentials of its dental professionals providing services, but it does not guarantee the quality of any dental services or products. Any complaint regarding professional services shall be directed to the treating dentist and if not resolved then to
  13. Compliance with Law. The Program complies with applicable federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.
  14. Litigation Costs and Expenses. If any party institutes any legal suit, action, or proceeding against the other party to enforce these Terms (or obtain any other remedy regarding any breach of these Terms), including, but not limited to, contract, equity, tort, fraud, and statutory claims, the prevailing party in a final, non-appealable judgment regarding the suit, action, or proceeding is entitled to receive, and the non-prevailing party shall pay, in addition to all other remedies to which the prevailing party may be entitled, the costs and expenses incurred by the prevailing party in conducting the suit, action, or proceeding, including reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs, even if not recoverable by law (including, without limitation, all fees, taxes, costs, and expenses incident to appellate, bankruptcy, and post-judgment proceedings).
  15. Assignment. Membership in the Program is not assignable or transferable.
  16. Severability. If any provision of these Terms is held illegal, invalid, or unenforceable under present or future applicable law, such provision will be fully severable and these Terms will be construed and enforced as if such illegal, invalid, or unenforceable provision were not a part of these Terms.
  17. Headings. The headings identifying the various sections and subsections of these Terms are for reference only and do not define, modify, expand, or limit any of the terms or provisions of the Program or of theseTerms.
How to enroll?
Please fill out our Membership Application by clicking the link below. Please note membership application start date will take place once membership fees have been received. We accept credit card, check, and cash.

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